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World Ocean's Day Event

World Oceans Day June 8th 2019

A public awareness family event celebrating World Oceans Day. Hosted by Sang Foundation & partners Precious Plastic, Grin Green International, Eco Beasts, Trash Hero, Baht By Baht and Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

We featured educational presentations, workshops, demos, documentary viewings, music, dancers, children's activities, food and beverages and a raffle!

Our event was a roaring success! Stay tuned for information about upcoming events.

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Our Mission and Vision

The Sang Foundation was created to raise public awareness that plastic waste is now at a critical level and more and more marine animals are painfully dying because of our addiction to plastic. We are here to spread the message that this does not need to happen - there are alternatives to plastic.

Starting with our iconic 11-meter-long Bobo The Whale, made with metal structures and covered with denim, we raise awareness about our disastrous ocean debris situation in Thailand through school visites and events.

Bobo the Whale visits schools during an environmental awareness month at the school with accompanied activities and lessons.

Through these educational activities and workshops, we continue to encourage children to start a waste-free living style with their family members.

Students holding signs
Recycling station at the beach
Kids participating in a beach cleanup
Group photo at a workshop
Students participating in a workshop activity
Bobo the whale
Students holding signs

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