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2020 Thailand Lockdown Charity Drive.

2020's donation drive to help families economically affected by the first COVID-19 Lockdown.


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Dog and cat food donated

The following relates to the donation drive conducted from April 2020 to January 2021. For our current fundraiser, please head to the donation page.

The beaches of Prachauap Kirikhan and Phetchaburi are usually crowded with tourists and vendors of every kind. The fruit man coming by to offer one a refreshing treat in the blazing heat, the sarong sellers showing you their different prints and designs, floats of all sizes and shapes available for you, and massage ladies offering relaxation as one looks upon the sea.

These vendors along with the local seaside businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and massage parlours/spas that allow for enchanted holidays in the “Land of Smiles” are greatly suffering today due to the global COVID-19 crisis. Many of them are left with stock of their merchandise without any business and those in the service industry barely have any work. Unable to provide for themselves and their families many of them are going hungry. It is estimated that over six thousand families are without sufficient food and daily supplies in only these two provinces.

This is an urgent and critical matter, and your donation will go directly to feeding and supporting these vulnerable families during this difficult time.

Please find information for donating on our Donation page, or email us for more information on how you money will be used at