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Sang means light in Sanskrit and in Thai

In the quest for a cleaner and greener globe and a crystal clear ocean, 'Sang' is literally translated as 'light' in Thai, and will continue to ignite the creation of love and care for our beloved mother earth for the generations to come.

The Sang Foundation was created to raise public awareness that plastic waste is now at a critical level and more and more marine animals are painfully dying because of our addiction to plastic. We are here to spread the message that this does not need to happen - there are alternatives to plastic.

What does the Sang foundation logo mean?

The Sang foundation logo is designed with 20 beams of light surrounding the word Sang designed in Sanskrit styled letters.

Sang Foundation Logo


Mutsumi Adachi

Mutsumi is the founder of the Sang Foundation, which she founded after operating the holistic center Omroom in Bangkok.

Mutsumi realized that healing an individual cannot adequately shift the paradigm. Humans cannot be happy if other beings are suffering from an imbalance in the natural world and ongoing climate destruction.

Only by doing the ground work of helping people and animals as well as educating the young generation on how to live in harmony with Mother Earth, will we find key to our problems.

Dr. Narindr Vang

Dr. Narindr, trained as a Counseling Psychologist, is a licensed Hypnotherapist and Trainer of both Hypnosis and Energy Pshychology. He has been a certified hyponotist under the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in the US, since 1950.

Dr Narindr is very keen to study human behavior and how to help people and their families to achieve physical and mental health as well as social balance. Dr. Vang has spent his time both overseas and locally, and as such has extensive experience dealing with different cultures, issues and needs to improve his patients' wellbeing.

Dr. Vang is a devotee of Jesus, he believes love is the solution to all.

Pacharee Patumanao

Pacharee is an international marketing and communications professional with over 20 years’ experience, she delivers winning solutions for some of the world’s most influential brands. She co-founded the boutique marketing and public relations company in 2008, whose clients include Reckitt Benckiser, World Bank, Merck, Pepsi and Adidas.

Pacharee also conceived Bangkok Now (BNOW) in 2003. The group events includes monthly networking lunch, social nights, fundraiser for charities, speed networking, garage sales, dinner talks and business workshops. The most recent initiative is Entrepreneur Now Awards, a program recognizing enterprising people and teams operating in the kingdom of Thailand.



I have been trying to live a lifestyle using fewer plastics with great success, practicing the 5R’s: Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, and Repurpose in my everyday life for the past two years. I added the 6th R (rot) in August 2018; yes, composting fruit and vegetable scraps to reduce waste and provide free organic fertilizer for my garden.

My journey was not an easy task but with strong commitment, consistency, concern, consciousness, and cause, I did it. Share your thoughts of environmental awareness lifestyles with family and friends and it will become a domino effect. The results are exponential. Take action now, join us living life use less plastic.


Likes: basketball, tennis, travel, watching movies, reading, finding good food and wine!

Dislikes: buffets, fake news, Trump, religious fanatics.


Missy is an American mom of an 8 year old boy, and having a passion for the oceans and animals she was shocked at the extreme and offensive overuse of plastics in this country and went looking to find groups to join to fight it. And quickly found Mutsumi and Sang Foundation.

She has lived in Thailand since early 2018 and has lived abroad in various countries since 2003, volunteering for three other NGOs during those years. Missy currently works as a freelance editor/marketing consultant.